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Whenever he graduated, he was proposed to fill in as a teacher of congruity, piece and history of music at the Moscow Conservatory. In this way, in 1866 he was teacher of amicability at the studio, where he met the writer Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky, who composed the lyrics for his first drama, The Voivode (1868). His dramas Undina (1869) and Oprichnik (1872), the Piano Concerto No. 1 in B level minor (1875), the Symphonies No. 1 (Winter Dreams, 1868), No. 2 (1873, later modified) likewise date from this period. furthermore, named Little Russia) and negative. 3 (Polish, 1875) and the suggestion dream Romeo and Juliet (1870; updated 1870 and 1880).



Operation. 1 – Two pieces for piano
Operation. 2 – Memories of Hapsal, 3 pieces for piano
Operation. 3 – The Voivode, Opera
Operation. 4 – Waltz fancy in D major for piano
Operation. 5 – Romance in F minor for piano
Operation. 6 – Six sentiments for voice and piano
Operation. 7 – Waltz and scherzo in A significant for piano
Operation. 8 – Caprice in G level major for piano
Operation. 9 – Three Salon Pieces for piano (sweet dream)
Operation. 10-Two pieces for piano
Operation. 11-String Quartet No. 1, in D Major
Operation. 11a: Andante cantabile for cello and ensemble from group of four no.1
Operation. 12-The snow young lady coincidental music
Operation. 13-Symphony No. 1 in G minor (Tchaikovsky), “Winter Dreams”
Operation. 14-Vakula the metalworker (second form: Cherevichki), drama
Operation. 15-Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem.
Operation. 16-Six numbers for voice and piano
Operation. 17-Symphony No. 2 in C minor, “Little Russia”
Operation. 18-The Tempest, dream about Shakespeare
Operation. 19-Six pieces for piano
Operation. 20-Swan Lake
Operation. 20a:- Swan Lake Suite
Operation. 21-Six pieces for piano on a unique topic
Operation. 22-String Quartet No. 2 in F major
Operation. 23-Piano Concerto No. 1, in B Flat Minor
Operation. 24-Eugene Onegin, drama
Operation. 25-Six ditties for voice and piano
Operation. 26-Melancholy Serenade in B minor, for violin and ensemble
Operation. 27-Six anthems and melodies for voice and piano
Operation. 28-Six ditties for voice and piano
Operation. 29-Symphony No. 3 in D major “Clean”
Operation. 30-String Quartet no. 3 in E level minor
Operation. 31-Slavic March
Operation. 32-Francesca da Rimini, musical sonnet about episode V; In hellfire
Operation. 33-Variations on a Rococo Theme for cello and symphony
Operation. 34-Waltz scherzo in C major for violin and symphony
Operation. 35-Concerto for Violin and symphony in D major
Operation. 36-Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Romeo and Juliet
Operation. 37a: Piano Sonata No. 3 in G major, “Terrific Sonata”
Operation. 37b: The Seasons, 12 trademark pieces for piano
Operation. 38-Six sentiments for voice and piano
Operation. 39 – Album of youth, 24 simple pieces for piano
Operation. 40 – 12 pieces for piano, of moderate trouble
Operation. 41 – Liturgy for Saint John Chrysostom
Operation. 42 – Memories of a dearest place, 3 pieces for violin and piano
Operation. 43 – Suite No. 1 in D minor
Operation. 44 – Concerto for piano and symphony no.2 in G major
Operation. 45 – Italian Caprice
Operation. 46 – 6 two part harmonies for voices and piano
Operation. 47 – 7 sentiments for voice and piano
Operation. 48 – Serenade for strings in C major
Operation. 49 – Overture 1812
Operation. 50 – Piano Trio in A minor “elegiac”
Operation. 51 – 6 pieces for piano
Operation. 52 – Vespers Service
Operation. 53 – Suite No. 2 in C major, “trademark”
Operation. 54 – 16 kids’ melodies for voice and piano
Operation. 55 – Suite No. 3 in G major
Operation. 56 – Concerto-dream for piano and ensemble in G major
Operation. 57 – 6 ditties for voice and piano
Operation. 58 – Manfred Symphony in B minor
Operation. 59 – Dumka in C minor
Operation. 60 – 12 ditties for voice and piano
Operation. 61 – Suite No. 4 in G major, “Mozartian”
Operation. 62 – Pezzo capriccioso for cello and symphony in B minor
Operation. 63 – 6 numbers for voice and piano
Operation. 64 – Symphony No. 5 in E minor, “Memories of Russia”
Operation. 65 – 6 French tunes for voice and piano
Operation. 66 – Sleeping Beauty
Operation. 66a: The Sleeping Beauty, Ballet Suite
Operation. 67 – Hamlet Overture
Operation. 67b: accidental music for “Hamlet”
Operation. 68 – The sovereign of spades, show
Operation. 69 – Yolanda, show
Operation. 70 – String Sextet in D minor, named “Memory of Florence”
Operation. 71 – The Nutcracker
Operation. 71a: The Nutcracker, artful dance suite
Operation. 72 – 18 pieces for piano
Operation. 73 – 6 ditties for voice and piano
Operation. 74 – Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Pathetic
Operation. 75 – Concerto for piano and ensemble no.3 in E level major (first development of orchestra no.7)
Operation. 76 – The Storm Overture
Operation. 77 – Fatum Overture
Operation. 78 – Overture and Posthumous Recovery The Voivode
Operation. 79 – Andante and finale for piano and ensemble
Operation. 80 – Piano Sonata no.2 in C sharp minor
Operation. Post.1 – Symphony no.7 in E level major (first move piano concerto no.3)
Operation. Post.2 – Piano Sonata no. 1 in F minor (just development: allegro)
Operation. Post.3 – Concerto for cello and ensemble in D major


The Voivode (Op. 3, 1867-1868)
Undine (1869)
The Oprichnik (1870-1872
Vakula the Blacksmith Op. 14, 1874
Eugene Onegin Op. 24, 1877-1878
The Maid of Orleans 1878-1879
Mazepa 1881-1883
Cherevichky 1885
The Sorceress 1885-1887
The Queen of Spades Op. 68, 1890
Iolanta Op. 69, 1891

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